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Donor Recognition

On behalf of the people touched by our programs and services, we would like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge our 2017 YMCA Annual Giving Campaign donors for their support. Because of your generous donations, we’re able to give the YMCA experience to those who might not otherwise have access.

If you are interested in learning more about giving to the Y, please click here.


2017 YMCA Annual Giving Campaign Donors - Thank You!


The Chapin Foundation
Bill & Linda Priebe


Kikkoman Foods Foundation
Gregg & Debbie Kunes Family
The Stinebrink's Family & Piggly Wiggly


Community State Bank
Edward & Penelope Emma
The Johnson Family (Larry, Troy & Lauren)
Marsha L. Engquist & Karen Jo Walsh


The Alben F. Bates & Clara G. Bates Foundation
Casting Solutions
The Counihan Family (Blizzard Snow Removal/Geneva Earth Works)
The Kramp Family (Mike, Jen, Kalen & Kylie)
Steve Lois
Matrix Fitness
Melissa & Bill McClayton
The William Meister Family
John & Kathryn Swanson


Glenn Biller
Christopher Duesing
Tom & Judy Effenheim
Geneva Lakes Women's Association
Andrew & Mary Kerwin in memory of Patrick Dinan
Lake Geneva Economic Development Corp
Mark & Mary Ann Moller-Gunderson
Michael & Jamie Ploch
Mary Ring in memory of Patrick Dinan


Jamie Aguirre, Jr.
Sherri Baker
Tim Barrett
John Barnett, Jr. in memory of Patrick Dinan
Laura Bergesen
Jessica Brandt
Jay & Emily Brewster
Clair Law Offices, S.C. in memory of Patrick Dinan
Mike Coolidge
Tricia Dieck in memory of Patrick Dinan
Ann Dinan in memory of Patrick Dinan
Tim Dunford
Dan & Ann Fulmer
Jim & Jeri Gaugert
Karrie Gibson
Maegan Gorecki
Wayne & Virginia Grover
John & Sally Hakes
Scott & Jennifer Hallatt
Nate & Jessica Hart
Chris Hawver
James & Barb Johnson in memory of Patrick Dinan
Ryan Jolly
Kaiser Chiropractic, S.C.
Jeremy Kinsey
Jessica Kittle
Dr. Britton & Margaret Kolar in memory of Partick Dinan
Neal & Julie Kolb
Jessica Larsen
Tony & Stephanie Leach
Michael Madsen
Katie Nagel
Phil & Holly Novell in memory of Patrick Dinan
Natalie Oborn
Brianna Olsen
Sierra Olson
Denny & Jean Oser in memory of Patrick Dinan
Ron & Sue Pedersen in memory of Patrick Dinan
Sydney Petrie
Lexus Petrillo
Jerry & Samantha Polek
Dave & Nancy Quickel
Al & Carolyn Quosig
Joseph & Carol Railton
Richard Duffy Nottestad Memorial
Marie Robison
Bill & Ruth Rorig
Axel & Joyce Schwanke
The Scocos Family
Cathy Stoodley
John & Gertrude Suhajda
Scott Teske
Kenneth & Tara Trent in memory of Patrick Dinan
Alicia Valleskey
Kristine Weir-Martell in memory of Patrick Dinan
Jack, Jr. & Diana Winger
Thomas & Shannon Wynn


AmazonSmile Foundation
Cindy Anderson
Andree Anderson in memory of Patrick Dinan
Rex & Nancy Anderson in memory of Patrick Dinan
David Angelici
Maria Aranda
Honorio Aranda
Anthony Ascolani
Robert Atterbury
Bill and Jimalee Binn in memory of Patrick Dinan
Joseph & Angela Blakeley
David, Linda & Joseph Boilini in honor of Bertil Brunk
Philip Bonyata
Rob Breidenbach
Gregory & Debbie Broerman in memory of Patrick Dinan
Nick Buchanan
Frances Burda
Dona Button
Joel & Nancy Cassidy in memory of Patrick Dinan
David Castaneda
Judy Challed
Paul Chodak
The Christensen Family
Jane Clemens
Stesha Coker
Samantha Coleman
Spyro & Patricia Condos in memory of Patrick Dinan
Christine Corelli
Raquel Cottle
Brian Coyne
Diane Cozzi
Daniel Derrick
Allison Dertz
Marilyn Dewey
Duane DeYoung
Rose Dillard
James Dinan in memory of Patrick Dinan
Kim Donahue
Dennis Dyon
Jason & Kirsten Eck
Tiffany Fisher
Bart Fitz
Kelly Francois
Cathryn Fritz
Bob Fullington
Adam Fulmer
Kirsten Gamble
Danielle Garrett
Gilbertson's Stained Glass/ Edward Gilbertson
Dennis Gilhooley
Phyllis Golden
Greg and Jami Golz
Carlene Harp
Germaine Hehr
Henry Hertl
Dawn Higgins
Lorraina Holden
William & Diane Hollister in memory of Patrick Dinan
Anna Holte
Hannah Johnson
Don Johnson
Ashley Johnson-Miller
JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Sylvia Keesee
Kerry Kerros
Patty Kivlin
Laurence & Jessica Kluth in memory of Patrick Dinan
Nathan Lebak
Hesiquio Lopez
James Lottig
M.J. Lyon
Les & Pauline Malsch
Lana Marjanovic
Suzanne Masini
Melissa McClayton
Brandon, Melissa, & Kaidyn McKaig
David Mendlik
Lindsey Mikrut
Brian Morris
William Mott
Karen Murray
Mike Nagy
Suzanne Neumann
Steven Niewiedzial
Charles & Barbara Obligato in memory of Patrick Dinan
Anthony Osnacz
Pat Pankus
Lela Patterson
Sean, Sharon & Will Payne
Lynn Peck
The Phillip's Family
Kristin Preuss
Leticia Quirino
George Reuss
Eric Rude
Donna Schmitt
Willie Schneider
The Scotney Family
William Sekeres
Rachel Senft
Anthony & Ann Serpe in memory of Patrick Dinan
Becca Skomski
James Sobel
Michael Stodieck
Krystal Suchowski
Dorothy Swatek in memory of Patrick Dinan
William Talarek
Matthew Trane
Tim & Mary Beth Unger in memory of Patrick Dinan
Susan Wagner
Judy Wehrly
Claus & Sarah Wellhausen
Kathy Weyrough
Kelly Williams
Gordon Wisniewski
Robert Wolter
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wray in memory of Patrick Dinan
Valerie Wright
George Zimmer
Nicole Zinkowich
Tyler Zinn

Thank you again to this distinguished group of individuals, corporations, and foundations whose generosity helps us fulfill our mission by providing assistance to those in need.

For more information on the YMCA Annual Giving Campaign, please click here.



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