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The Tuesday/Thursday 9:15 am ZUMBA class will start at 9:30 am this week. The class will be from 9:30 - 10:15 am due to instructor availability.

How Old is the YMCA?

Published 06.01.17

Happy Birthday to us! 124 years ago on June 4, 1893 the Geneva Lakes Family YMCA became an organization. Here is just a little bit of history about our founding:

...In the late 1800's land in Williams Bay, WI was purchased for a YMCA training camp. The first classes were held in tents, and the camp became a thriving campus where YMCA workers from across the country gathered for physical activity, spiritual reflection, and service learning. In 1890, the learning camp moved to the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago and became an institution of higher learning. The original camp was used for retreats. As the YMCA movement progressed, this retreat center became George Williams College (named after the founder of the YMCA), and the YMCA in Lake Geneva as we know it today became a separate organization on June 4, 1893.

Happy 124 years young to the Geneva Lakes Family YMCA were so many great things still await!

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