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We have hot water! Locker room showers and sinks are operational. Thank you for your patience!

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The Aquatic Center will be closed Aug 18-Sept 2 for mechanical repairs, painting and deep cleaning. Under our Home tab of this website is a "Recent News" section. Check there for more information and Y's you can use during this time.

Adult Swim Lessons

Swimming is not only for kids!

We live in an area surrounded by lakes, ponds, streams, rivers and pools. Being comfortable in and around water is an essential skill we ALL must have! Nearly 37% of adults in the United States cannot swim the length of a pool, putting them at risk of drowning, and this problem is generational. When an adult learns to swim, it becomes far more likely that the person's children will learn, breaking the cycle of non-swimming families. 

To avoid adding to these statistics, see how the YMCA can help! Throughout the year, the YMCA offers both adult beginner and adult progressive lessons.  To learn more about these classes and to register please click below:

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Credit | Refund Policy
Programs/service dates that land on holidays, are cancelled for inclement weather or conflicts with school district calendars are not refundable and do not qualify for a credit. Programs lacking in sufficient enrollment may be cancelled. If this happens you may transfer to different class/program, receive a system credit or receive a refund. The Y reserves the right to change program times or locations if the situation arrives. If you need to withdraw from a program/service before it starts we are happy to issue a system credit, refunds are not given. If you need to withdraw from a program after it starts, you can receive a prorated system credit for classes attended. All memberships are non-transferable and not subject to refunds.