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We have hot water! Locker room showers and sinks are operational. Thank you for your patience!

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The Aquatic Center will be closed Aug 18-Sept 2 for mechanical repairs, painting and deep cleaning. Under our Home tab of this website is a "Recent News" section. Check there for more information and Y's you can use during this time.

YMCA Fitness Programs & Workshops

The Geneva Lakes Family YMCA is pleased to offer fitness opportunities in Lake Geneva for YMCA Members and the Community. Each session is led by a subject-matter expert.  Bring a friend or come on your own to explore something new on your health and wellness journey! 

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Upcoming Specialty Events and Workshops


Date Workshop

9:15-10:15 am
Sept 4-Oct 16

Deep Water Fit Challenge
Geared toward intermediate fitness levels that feel comfortable in deep water, this class will help burn more calories, build lean muscle, improve core conditioning and more!
Members: $70 | Community: $105
Learn more by clicking here.

Sept 11
8-9:10 am

Yoga Binds Workshop
Safely learn yoga binds and various bound positions. These poses release tension built up in that area that can help increase your range of motion and flexbiliity in the body.
Members: Free | Community: $15
Learn more by clicking here.

Wednesday, Oct 30
8-9:15 am

Spooktacular Moon Salutations
This class will have spooktastic Vinyasa Flow and a variety of balancing poses. 
Members: Free | Community: $15
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Wednesday, Nov 27
5-6 pm

Zumba Party: Turkey, Shake Rattle & Roll
Our experienced instructor will help you perfect belly dance and hip techniques!
Members: $10 | Community: $15
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