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Advanced Swim Coaching

Stroke Video Taping & Analysis

Seeing is believing!  There are a number of reasons why videotaping and analyzing your swim technique is important.  Triathletes benefit from being able to see their swim stroke and observe what elements in their technique are being done well and what elements need improving.  It also gives athletes something tangible to focus on during swim sets and the ability to visualize themselves swimming with good form to make the ongoing mental corrections needed to make real changes.

Videotaping provides you the ability to analyze your swim stroke and form in depth and to have a greater understanding of stroke mechanics and swim technique.  When you have the ability to analyze your stroke, you become a more educated swimmer.  Swimming is such a bio-mechanically complex sport, that understanding the mechanics of your technique helps you prioritize the areas you need to improve in order to make the most productive changes.

August Special Prices:  One Stroke: $75 | All Four Strokes: $200
Each package includes a warm-up, videotaping, stroke analysis and corrections meeting.  Each stroke will be video-taped in five different ways:Side view under water, side view above water, front view under water, front view above water, sky view above the swimmer.

Adult Advanced Private Coaching

For ages 18+, private swim coaching is available. Focus is on more advanced techniques, such as flip turns, diving and refining of the four main strokes. To learn more about this opportunity please contact our Head Swim Coach, Glenn Biller at 262.248.6211 x23 or email

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