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Welcome to the Reservation page!  It is in this area, that MEMBERS can reserve space in the fitness centers, lap pool, activity pool or group exercise class.  

We have rearranged the equipment and created new workout spaces throughout the facility to allow for social distancing, and to limit the number of individuals in a particular space to no more than 10. There are three areas in the building where specific equipment has been placed.  Please review the list below, so you can reserve the correct area that has the equipment you would like to use:

Wellness Center Upper Level - Cardio Space. Equipment includes: Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes, Steps, Free Weights, Mats, Benches
Wellness Center Lower Level - Cardio and Free Weight Space.  Equipment includes: Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes, Steps, Free Weights, Mats, Benches, Cable Cross, Smith Machine, Squat Rack and assisted 
Selectorized Equipment Room: Large Gym, Side A (furthest from the hallway).  Equipment includes: A selectorized Matrix Strength Equipment (leg press, lat pull down, bicep curl, tricep press, chest fly, shoulder press, rotary twist, abdominal crunch, back extension, leg extension, leg curl), ellipticals, rower, seated bikes 
Please note when scheduling independent workouts you are only able to reserve one 45 minute slot per day up to 24 hours in advance. 
How do I reserve my spot in the schedule below?
1) Select the day of the week you would like to come to the YMCA by using the down arrow next to the day search box
2) Click on the drop down arrow next to the search boxes to view categories, class time, location and instructor 
3) Make your selection by clicking on the name
4) If this is your first visit, it will ask you to create a login, follow those instructions
5) If this is not your first visit, click on sign in and then login to reserve your spot. can only sign up 24 hours prior to the time you are selecting.




Do you have an iPhone and getting an error when making a reservation?  

Please go to your Settings Tab, Click on Safari, and scroll down to your Privacy and Security area to be sure the settings look like this:


Need to CANCEL a reservation?

If you are unable to make your reservation, PLEASE cancel it as soon as you know by calling 262.248.6211 OR online. By cancelling, an automated response will go to the next person on our waiting list to let them know the spot has opened and they can now come to the program. 

When cancelling online you go back to our website and under "Reservations" do everything exactly the same as you would if you were signing up for this spot. Be sure to "sign up" for the exact time slot that you have already reserved and want to cancel.  You click sign up, then put in your log in information.  When you hit "reserve spot" it will say "You are currently signed up to take this class"  and there is "cancel reservation" underneath.  Click this to cancel the reservation. That's it! You are done and the next person on the waiting list will be able to take your spot. 

Effective Monday, june 15 we can increase the number of lap pool users by having up to two members per lane. each member must still register for pool use. the activity pool will still remain at two users.

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